​Whether they're drummers or guitarists that play on a local or national level, our artists are our strongest supporters that stand by our products!

​​​​Mike DePetrillo
​Drum tech/studio drummer/instructot/DRYVR

J-Dog The Drummer
​​​RGW Owner/independent session drummer/drum tech/instructor

Emily Ruvidich
StarBreakers/Killer Queens

Kyle Abbott

Jerry Davis
​Session musician/Mickey McGee/The Reflections/Charlie Harwood/Doug Haywood/CrossRoads Church Casa Grande/New Fire

Kevin McDowell
song writer/worship musician/Living Word Bible Church/CrossRoads Church Casa Grande/New Fire

Brian Scoggin
Casting Crowns

Vince "KAZI" McCoy
nstructor/Hunter College CUNY/Session Drummer/Causion and the Meditations

Eddie Vallee - Instructor/Educator/Boomer/The Drifters

Jenn Timm 
Independent/Manou Oescher

Krystal Lindsey
Johnny on the Spot/Oak Valley Church/Something Real

​The Drained/StreetLynx

Jason Northover
After The Fallout

Michael Feighan
Whitecross/King James

Nathan Laird